About the Artist


Listen to your whispers.


In 2016, after decades of ignoring them,  I finally gave my whispers the attention they deserved. I discovered I have a love and appreciation for creating art.  


I learn by doing, so I am doing. Through experimentation, observation and study, I am finding my artistic voice. In 2018, I set up my own studio in Salt Lake City, and committed myself to working full-time as an artist. So here I am now, creating, showing and selling my art. I am a better, happier, more fulfilled human because of it. 


As I begin my work each day, I have no specific goal in mind. Influences from the day, the week,  people and life, flow through me and on to the panel. A relationship is formed with every piece I create, as I respond intuitively to what is revealed through the process of layering, mark-making and excavation. 


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to put my art out into the world, and share a part of who I am.